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Communication Expert on How to Live Fight Free

Life does not have to be torn by conflict. Instead we can learn to work through disagreements with our loved ones, friends, colleagues and everyone in our lives by practicing new ways of communicating, says communication expert Josselyne Herman-Saccio

For 20 years Josselyne has led programs for Landmark, an international training and development company. These programs are designed to inspire effectiveness and creativity in others, enabling them to make their own dreams come true and to make the world a better place.

A native of New York City and married mother of three children, Josselyne works as a personal manager in the entertainment industry and serves as a volunteer leader in her community and in her children's school. She can discuss many issues related to families, communication and careers, including:

* How families can live together without fighting
* Finding happiness in work/life balance
* Superwomen and moms who want to have it all
* How to be unstoppable without sacrificing career or family
* Effective communication and leadership in school and PTO groups
* Getting along with others while serving in volunteer efforts
* Turning complaints into requests
* Creating peace in your workplace, relationships and community
* Listening skills to improve relationships
* Having and raising children at different stages of life
* Making amends and having a fresh start
* Changing perceptions to create love
* Three responses to painful statements from loved ones - find out which one works
* Differentiating between what people say and what we have it mean
* Sex and intimacy: What spouses can say to each other to achieve intimacy

Josselyne can also discuss many other issues related to family, workplace and community relationships, as well as concerns of large and extended families and those caring for aging relatives. Please contact us with a specific request.

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