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How Families Can Live Together Without Fighting

Josselyne explains how Landmark’s “upset technology,” recently featured in the Wall Street Journal, can help people get beyond emotional drama and restore relationships.

Finding Happiness in Work/Life Balance

From her busy career as a mom, entertainment industry personal manager and community and school volunteer, Josselyne reveals Superwomen secrets for women and moms who want to have it all.

How to be Unstoppable

Josselyne explains how women can achieve high results and satisfaction in all areas of life without sacrificing work or family.

3 Ways to Respond to Hurtful Comments from Family Members

Chances are someone in the family will eventually say something that hurts. Josselyne shares three powerful options for dealing with these difficult situations.

Changing Perceptions to Create Love

Finding love can be as simple as identifying your stories and interpretations about who people are. Josselyne discusses how letting go of the story and changing perceptions about family members can create a space for love.

The Value of Honesty and Straight Talk

Josselyne explains why honesty and straight talk can help families develop a deeper sense of intimacy.

Creating a Fresh Start

Every family and every relationship has a history. In most cases, there are parts of that history that don’t look very pretty. Josselyne shares how to begin again.

Differentiating Between What People Say and What We Have It Mean

Sometimes messages are lost in translation. It’s easy to hear something and, without realizing it, react to what we think was said. Josselyne explains how to separate the facts from our interpretations.
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